Wanna Dive Kona
(808) 937-1175 or 1-877-DIVE KONA

Wanna Dive is a small scuba charter business specializing in DAILY BOAT DIVE CHARTERS, dive instruction and AWESOME MANTA RAY NIGHT DIVES, in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our goal is to provide personalized service to individuals or small groups (Our boat takes a maximum of 6 passengers, and we'll go with as few as two divers) and to have some fun while doing it. We run our charters at a slow and relaxed pace. If you are looking for scuba diving instruction, a private dive guide or personalized service from a dive operator, then you've come to the right spot.

Daily morning 2 tank charters:

All dives are guided by an in-water guide

A US Coast Guard licensed Captain remains on board at all times

We provide air, weights, water, sport drink, snacks, sandwich or salad, dry towels

Multi-day divers save $15 starting the third day

Rental gear available for use on the boat

NITROX available for use on the boat.

A Day with 2 Introductory dives for non-certified divers off our boat-$189.00 two or more in the class-$159.00 each

2 tank morning dives-$119.00 per person-3rd day on-$104.00 - 6th day on- $99.00

3 tank private chartersfrom$700.00

Manta Night dives)2 tank (late afternoon followed by the night dive)- $125 per person

Snorkelers may join the divers on the manta dive-$85 per person

Open water referral dives-$395.00

Two or more in the class-$295.00 each

Advanced Open Water-$395.00

Two or more in the class-$350.00 each

We carry up to 6 passengers. We go with as few as 2 on morning dives, 3 on night dives. We're a small company and don't spend a lot on advertising, so typical group sizes are 2-4 more often than 5-6 at this point.

Camera friendly... we have freshwater camera-only buckets on board... and our dive crew just doesn't like to dive... we like to show you neat critters. We take it slow and are always looking to spot the unusual photo opportunity.

(808) 937-1175 or 1-877-DIVE KONA steve@wannadivekona.com

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