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The Torpedo is an option for both snorkelers and divers on our daytime tours. Here at Torpedo Tours, we are the 'scooter diving' experts of Hawaii. Have more fun, try a Torpedo on your next dive or snorkel trip.

The Torpedo is very easy to control and safe to use. For snorkelers, using a Torpedo does not require any prior experience. The Torpedo cruises at 2 knots which is about as fast as a freestyle swimming stroke. For snorkeling, a float vest is attached to the Torpedo, so you can let go anytime and the Torpedo will float. It will also turn off automatically as soon as you let go. Fun for the whole family! Snorkelers under the age of eight who find it hard to hold on by themselves can ride "tandem" with an adult by holding onto a shoulder or fin of the "driver".

Cruise along effortlessly through canyons, archways or even lava tubes! Cover four times the area without even kicking. Stop anytime you want, to examine a critter more closely, or just keep cruising... it's up to you. Your Divemaster will keep a close eye on you to know when you've stopped to check something out.


Daily charters:
The two tank morning charter is 4.5 hours in duration and includes lunch. Optional fishing or dolphin and whale watching is included free of charge. Diver $110, Snorkeler $79

We offer a one tank afternoon dive for $79.

A three tank day is $159

The Torpedo is available on all of these tours for only $30 per dive.

A full set of equipment is only $20 per day.

The following Specialty Dive Tours are a lot of fun and a great way to increase the possibility of big animal encounters. They can be reserved for any day, but must be reserved in advance.

Manta Ray Night Dive- Rated as one of the top 10 dives in the world, it is often described as "surreal". Here is how it works: The divers and snorkelers gather together with all of their lights to attract the plankton. The mantas come to feed on the plankton which results in a manta ballet that is truely magestic. If you are interested in this dive check out our video clip because words do not do it justice.1 tank, $89.
Sunset dive followed by a Manta dive, $130

(808) 938-0405

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