Manini Beach Park

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Manini Beach
Small sandy area with entry into the water.

Manini Beach
Shady areas under palm and monkeypod trees.

Manini Beach
A great place to bring a picnic lunch, a book, and some beach chairs to spend a few hours.

Manini Beach
There is parking near the beach
on the side of the road.

Manini Beach
Manini Beach is a small beach on Kealakekua Bay, on the
opposite side of the bay from Captain Cook monument.

Manini Beach
Most of the park is covered by a grassy lawn
and a few picnic tables.

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Directions: From Hwy 11 (Belt Road), take Napoopoo Rd (Hwy 160) down to Kealakekua Bay. The road dog legs past Middle Ke'i Road; hang right to stay on Napoopoo. You will pass residential homes and farms, and also a coffee mill. At the bottom of the hill is the landing at Napoopoo where people launch kayaks. Hang left and you will see the signs to Manini Beach Rd. (see above). When you hang left at the bottom of the hill, that is the road that takes you to the City of Refuge if you continue straight. The road is actually a continuation of 160; you can also arrive from this direction as an alternate route.

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