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Since 1971, Fair Wind has been offering snorkel cruises on the Big Island of Hawaii – operating two unique vessels (The Fair Wind II and Hula Kai). We are honored to be recognized by Frommer’s Travel Guide and The Idiot’s Guide to Hawaii. In addition, Fair Wind comes highly recommended by leading industry guidebooks.

One of the premier dives in the world is the famous Kona Manta Ray Night Dive. It is an amazing experience. Each year thousands of divers and snorkelers from around the world visit Kona to dive & snorkel with the manta rays. The Kona Coast is one of the best places in the world to get close to and observe manta rays. Their huge 12-foot wingspans and agile movements are truly memorizing. With no teeth, they are quite harmless. Manta rays feast on tiny plankton as they swoop down through the water.

Fair Wind II Morning Snorkel Cruise & BBQ:
The Fair Wind II departs at 9:00 AM, returns at 1:30 PM.
2010 Pricing:
$125 – Adults, plus tax
$75 – Children (4-12 yrs.), plus tax
$29 – Toddlers (3 and Under), plus tax
2011 Pricing:
$129 – Adults, plus tax
$75 – Children (4-12.), plus tax
$29 – Toddlers (3 and Under), plus tax

Kealakekua PM with BBQ
Departs from Keauhou Bay at 2:00 PM, returns at 6:30 PM. (Available during summer months only).
$109 – Adults, plus tax
$69 – Children (4-12 yrs.), plus tax
Toddlers (3 & Under) – Free

Manta Snorkel and Dive
$99 – Snorkelers (min 5-yrs.old)
$31.00 (additional) per person
(Does NOT include Gear)
Total: $130
$38.50 (additional) per person
(Includes BC or Regulator)
Total: $137.50
$46.00 (additional) per person
(Includes BC and Regulator)
Total: $145

Please call for current rates-(808)-345-0268 or (800)-677-9461

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