More Black Sand Beach


punaluu black sand beach
Mahalo to Jim from Honalo

punaluu black sand beach
Mahalo to Jim from Honalo
Punalu'u Beach Park has restrooms, picnic
tables, pavilions, and showers.

punaluu black sand beach
Mahalos to Kelly Por of Arroyo Grande, CA

WARNING: $5000 Federal fine for touching
turtles. Don't do it!

punaluu black sand beach
Mahalo to Rick Bramm- Edmonton, Canada

Below this sculpture of a child on the back
of a turtle is a plaque that reads:


"The mystical turtle Kauila makes her home in the Ka`u District at Punalu`u Bay. According to Hawaiian mythology, Kauila was empowered with the ability to turn herself from a turtle into human form and would play with the children along the shoreline and keep
watch over them. The people of Ka`u loved Kauila as the
guardian of their children and also for her spring that
gave them pure drinking water.

The presence of Kauila can still be felt today by the sea turtles that inhabit this special place, The Hawaiian Honu (green sea turtle) can be regularly seen in the bay feeding on limu growing in the shallows.
In addition, the Honu`ea (hawksbill turtle) sometimes enters the bay at night to crawl ashore and deposit eggs in the black sand. Both species of sea turtles are fully protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act
and wildlife laws of the State of Hawaii. Enjoy watching these marvelous creatures but do not touch or disturb them in any way.

Created in 1995 in honor of the turtles of Punalu`u through the cooperative efforts of the community of Ka`u, The Hilo Marine Option Program, County of Hawaii,m NMFS, and the Honu Project.
Made possible by the generosity of the Cummow family
and artist Dale Zarrella."



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