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The only dive operation on the Big Island to integrate SNUBA® into it's dive programs. SNUBA® combines the ease of snorkeling with the sustained underwater breathing of Scuba, without all the time-consuming training and heavy restrictive gear. This allows you to achieve comfort and the confidence in diving much quicker and easier.

Beginners are instructed in the proper use of the Snuba® gear and in a very short time you are enjoying the beauty and serenity of the underwater world. Snuba is easily accessible to couples, families, children over 8 years, and seniors. We take many non-swimmers as well!

If you have ever wondered what scuba diving is like, there is no safer and easier way to find out than Snuba®. Many people have commented on the fact that Snuba® is easier than snorkeling. Each Snuba® guide takes a maximum of six Snuba® divers on each tour. And, we go at your pace!

Snorkeling - $85.00 (91.09)

Snuba® - $145/170 (155.39/182.18)

Snuba Doo - $110/135 (117.88/144.67)

Certified Scuba - $110/135* (117.88/144.67)

Discover Scuba Diving - $185 (197.19)

Scuba Refresher - $125/160* (133.96/171.47)

Whale/Dolphin Watch - $85 (91.09)

(808) 324-1650

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